The International Association for the Humanities

The International Association for the Humanities (IAH) was founded in 2007 with the help of the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the American Council of Learned Societies as an independent association of humanities scholars primarily in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine.

Its mission is:

— to meet the social and intellectual challenges to humanities scholarship posed by the collapse of communism, the ongoing process of globalisation, and new nation building in the region,

— to further the creation of a social and scholarly environment favourable to the generation and preservation of free expression and dissemination of humanitarian knowledge,

— to elevate the status of humanitarian knowledge and the professional and ethical values it affirms, to develop ties between scholars in different countries and in different fields of humanities, especially within and among the former Soviet republics,

— to encourage innovative shifts in the established paradigms that have governed humanities research in the region, to support independent individual research projects of the highest quality, especially of younger scholars.
IAH’s mission, membership, and program should bring new representation from the post-Soviet region to the international scholar community through the sharing of scholarship, through the exchange of information about opportunities as well as difficulties in regional humanities, and by direct interactions among different scholarly communities.

The working languages of IAH are Belarusian, English, Russian, and Ukrainian.